You remember them from the "Big Decade!" You danced to Expose in the clubs, and cranked up their hits on the radio!Expose formed in Miami. eventually with lead vocalists Ann Curless, Jeanette Jurado, and Gioia Bruno. They were the first group to have 4 "Top-10 hits" on the "Billboard Hot 100," from their debut album (in 1988). But, that is to come.

In 1984, Miami disc jockey and producer, Lewis Martinee, decided to form a dance-music group. Along with his partners, and talent scouts, Martinee hired Sandra (Sandee) Casanas, Alejandra (Ale) Lorenzo, and Laurie Miller.

Originally, they were known as "X-Posed." Soon, that morphed into Expose.

In 1985, the trio recorded "Point Of No Return," released as a 12 inch vinyl single on Pantera Records. The song went to #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Soon, Expose was signed by Arista Records, which started distributing the vinyl single.

1986 brought Expose the release of a second club/dance "freestyle" 12 inch vinyl single, "Exposed To Love."

With dance-formatted radio stations in major cities at the time, Expose embarked on a club tour...and Arista agreed to record a full-length album.

Here is where things change...and there are conflicting stories as to when and why...who quit, and who was fired...and who made the decisions...

In short, Miller, Casanas and Lorenzo were OUT...and Jurado, Bruno and Curless were IN.

Expose's 1987 debut CD. (Craig Allen photo).

In February 1987, the new Expose lineup released the Arista album "Exposure."

"Come Go With Me" lit up the dance floor, and the charts, landing at #5!

A new version of "Point Of No Return," with Jurado on lead vocals, also landed at #5 on the Hot 100 charts in the summer of 1987.

Expose's run through the Top-10 continued with their next single, "Let Me Be The One." (#7/1987).

"Seasons Change" would be the group's biggest hit, going to #1 in February 1988.

The song would earn the ladies a "Soul Train Award" nomination for Best New Artist, along with numerous television appearances.

At this time (their peak), Expose experienced behind-the-scenes legal battles. The members had a restrictive contract, and there were reports of backstage battles. Low pay per appearance was alleged. And, the record company had to step in to keep the peace between the singers and the producers. Despite the record company's intervention, there was a lawsuit...which was settled with a new contract.

"What You Don't Know" 1989. (Craig Allen photo).

The "What You Don't Know" album came out in 1989. Though not as strong a seller as the first album, it was certified gold, for sales of over 500,000.

"What You Don't Know" peaked at #8 (1989).

"When I Looked At Him" was the next Expose single (#10/1989).

When "Tell Me Why" landed at #9 in early 1990, it gave the group 7 Top-10 hits in a row...a female group record...just behind the Supremes (with 9 Top-10 hits in a row).

"Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue" did better on adult radio, than was a Top-10 hit on the Adult charts, but ended Expose's hit-chart streak, when it stopped at #17 (1990).

"Stop, Listen, Look And Think" was released as a !2 inch single only (it did not chart).

With the success of Expose's first two albums, the record company released a music video "Best Of" compilation on VHS tape, and the Laser Disc format (remember those predecessors to the dvd?). "Video Exposure" showcased the music videos of all 8 Expose hits...

1990 "Radio-Only Promo CD," Cut #2. (Craig Allen photo).

Expose contributed backing vocals on Barry Manilow's 1990 Christmas album (they were on the same label).

While touring in August 1990, Gioia Bruno began experiencing throat problems. Later, her vocal problems were linked to a benign tumor. This forced the Expose tour to end early, i9n hopes that Bruno's voice would return. Ultimately, she lost her singing voice for several years...and had to keep talking to a minimum!

Kelly Moneymaker would step into the vocal void in 1992.

After Moneymaker joined the band, Expose released its self-titled, third album: Expose.

"Expose" 1992. (Craig Allen photo).

The album included some house music, and the pop sound that the band was known for...but also included softer songs that were aimed at an older, adult audience. The Expose album was to show that the group was growing up...

"I'll Never Get Over you Getting Over Me" landed in the Top-10 on the pop charts, and went to #1 on the Adult chart in 1992.

A final, club-marketed single, "I Specialize In Love" was released in 1995. Its was the group's first "remake."

Toward the end of 1995, Arista Records dropped Expose...and the band broke up...with the members going on to pursue their own solo projects. Curless and Jurado also married, and began families. Bruno's voice "returned" in 1997.

Over the years, several "Best Of" Expose CDs were released...

And, as often is the case in Rock & Roll...the end isn't really the end!

In 2003, Curless, Jurando, and Moneymaker reunited for a show in California...and while the desire was there to perform more than the one show, they weren't able to come to an agreement.

Since 2006, Expose performs at special events and various venues throughout the country. 2007 brought the start of several court cases over the use of the name Expose...which was ultimately awarded to the band in 2011.

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