For me, 2015 started on a real positive note. Then, almost inevitably, it turned into an emotional roller coaster. All through this wild ride, I have been encouraging you to join me in keeping it POSITIVE.

"Keep it smiley, my friends!" (Craig Allen photo).

A friend on social media recently posted the following:

"You are equally capable of happiness today as you were yesterday and tomorrow. Happiness is internally created and only happens when YOU allow yourself to experience it. So if you refuse to be happy until BLANK occurs, you are willfully denying your own enjoyment of life. Don't wait for things beyond your control to find contentment in the present."

To which another friend posted: "take your own advice."

It really is up to us to chart our own course.

And, it is a more fulfilling and happier journey, when you keep it positive!

Throw out the negativity. THRIVE on the "positivity!"

Make POSITIVE changes in your life...YOU are in control!

Said simply:

"Life is too short to argue and fight with the past. Count your blessings, value your loved ones, and move on with your head held high."


Your (positive) thoughts are welcome!