The other day, I was in my gym...and I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that said: "Dear Santa, I Can Explain."

It's (still) August. So, clearly, he has a great deal to explain!

Sadly, he was gone before my run on the treadmill was over...before I could try to explain why I would want to take a picture of the shirt....

That "Santa" t-shirt sighting got me thinking:

In-studio "selfie" on St. Patrick's Day! (Craig Allen photo).

The T-shirts we choose to wear say a great deal about us. They can be amusing, they can be serious, or they can promote a cause, or places and products that we endorse ... or, we can simply wear the T-shirt ... because it was FREE.

Would you (publicly) wear any of these t-shirts? (Craig Allen photo).

There is a t-shirt store on Main Street in downtown Somerville...the above and below photo(s) are shirts on display in their storefront window.

If you look closely, I am using my iPad camera. Am I still annoying? (Craig Allen photo).

This is an exercise in self-expression!

Here is a random sample of some of the t-shirts that I have seen across NJ lately:

Half of...
...a matched set! (Craig Allen photos).
A T-shirt for the younger set...also for hard shell and pizza lovers. (Craig Allen photo).
I pledge allegiance to the shirt... (Craig Allen photo).
Where is my photo of that "Beatles" all fairness. (Craig Allen photo).
"Muscle" T (Craig Allen photo).
Isn't this EVERY week? (Craig Allen photo).
Totally! (Craig Allen photo).
" me" -- Homer Simpson. (Craig Allen photo).
Party T-shirt! (Craig Allen photo).
When...maybe...the party...might have...gone too far? (Craig Allen photo).
These days...this T-shirt is self-explanatory! (Craig Allen photo).
Like I said above... (Craig Allen photo).
OUCH! The latest in "Jersey Singles Bar" wear?! (Craig Allen photo).

I'll ask again...would YOU wear any of these public?

I would wear this one ... (were it a bit larger) ...

SMILE....please. (Craig Allen photo).

And, this shirt (below) always gets a laugh, and "Nice shirt!"

Run, yes...BIKE with beer? NO. (Craig Allen photo).

What T-shirt "message" has caught your eye, lately?

We are all proud of you! (Craig Allen photo).

Or, what "crazy" T-shirt are you wearing?

Please share!

Selfies (in the shirt, please), are welcome!