New Jersey cars have been "mobile billboards" forever!

R.U! (Craig Allen photo).

Whether proclaiming school and college pride, political causes and politicians, or just as an expression of the owner's personality...

"Giddy-Up!" (Craig Allen photo).

...bumper stickers, car magnets and static stickers are everywhere in New Jersey!

What my car needs a WASH! And less Craig's reflection! (Craig Allen "selfie").

Except on my car...and that is a deliberate choice on my part. I just don't want stickers all over my car...

As you see...

Let's...GO! (Craig Allen photo).

...I am very much in the minority!

Here's just a random sampling of "mobile expression of personality" that I've seen in my travels across the great Garden State, recently:

Feel the pain! (Craig Allen photo).


Jersey Girls RULE! (Craig Allen
"Equal Time" for the Trump sticker above! (Craig Allen photo).

How about...

"Can't we all just get along?" (Craig Allen photo).

Of course, there's plenty of..."we are family" Jersey:

"Rrrrrrrr!" (Craig Allen photo).
Take a second look! Mom's got a...headache! (Craig Allen photo).
Headache by TWINS, of course! (Craig Allen photo).
Meet the "Zombies!"  (Craig Allen photo).

Let's not forget...

A "Jersey Single?" Call him...a party of one! (Craig Allen photo).

Then, there's...

A new version of "Baby On Board." (Craig Allen photo).
Huh? (Craig Allen photo).

And...there's the...

Family! (Craig Allen photo).

...furry family...

"Fido" gets an "A!" (Craig Allen photo).
So noted! (Craig Allen photo).
This dog doesn't like you, either! (Craig Allen photo).

And, don't forget:

"Hello Kitty!" (Craig Allen photo).
Does the cat food taste like...chicken? (Craig Allen photo).

Moving along...

Thank you for your service! (Craig Allen photo).
Put your hand over your heart! (Craig Allen photo).


Jersey has...Heart!  LOTS of heart! (Craig Allen photo).
YES! (Craig Allen photo).

As I was saying earlier, stickers reflect Jersey's "personality"...

Says it all. (Craig Allen photo).

Or...what we would wish it to be!

Then again...

Mr. Hankie's BFF? (Craig Allen photo).

...maybe life is just an emoji!

And, then there's always the "tried and true:"

"Serving NJ since 1985" (Craig Allen photo).

Ah...the classics!

What have you seen on the back of a car, New Jersey?

So LOGICAL! (Craig Allen photo).

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