On weekends, "when the music comes out to play," its my pleasure to "address" the state (and the world) from the "tower of power" called New Jersey 101.5!

I also enjoy getting out into the public, meeting you, our listeners, face-to-face.

And, I enjoy talking about my life in radio!

Last night, I had the pleasure of combing all of the above.

With the NBS members! (Craig Allen photo archives).

I was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Fall Induction Ceremony for the National Broadcasting Society-Alpha Epsilon Rho chapter at East Stroudsburg University, in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania.

I was invited to address the group about my start in radio (I wanted to be in the business since I saw my new local radio station on a remote broadcast when I was 9)...and, yes, I had a "radio station" in the house as a kid (to quote the folks: "a good little station...a bit loud at times). I talked about my college years as a newscaster and reporter...losing a job before it started...and my climb from local AM radio to music radio in major markets.

Thanks for the nice write-up! (Craig Allen photo).

I also shared some funny stories (like when my morning man and I were ringmasters at the circus, and the "cream pie" that I was supposed to be hit with was sweetened condensed milk..and I sat in the bleachers, sticky and feeling gross for the next 2 hours)...plus kernels of wisdom...Be a sponge...learn everything you can...it makes you more valuable...on the job, and in life!

I was asked to talk for about 15 minutes...and found it (amazingly) easy to talk for about 30 minutes, from 4 pages of sketchy (outline) notes.

My "speech." (Craig Allen photo)

Plus, take questions.

Thanks to Chapter President Amanda Bongiovi (a former member of the "Jersey Prize Team") for the invitation, and the chance to "pay it forward!"

And, congratulations to the 2015 inductees...may you all have a great future in Radio and TV broadcasting, Digital Media Technology, Art & Design...and whatever you may choose!