This year I pledged to do something not only for the show but something that the audience can relate to and get behind. So every Friday will be known as #BlueFriday.

This week's Blue Friday honoree is Cprl. Robert McNair from the Middletown Police Department. During the blizzard last weekend, a woman's water broke. Aside from trying to get her to the hospital, there was no one that could travel to her house to watch her other children as she left for the hospital.

Cprl. Robert McNair picked up the woman's mother and drove her to the daughter's house to watch the kids. Then the expecting mother left for the hospital. Every storm has  heroes that step up to help others and a prime example of a hero is Cprl. Robert McNair.


In case you missed it, below is the video of Lt. Gov Kin Guadagno and myself introducing the concept of #BlueFriday.

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