A listener who wants to remain nameless sent us this link after Bill and I talked about the current headless deer carcass mystery and people bringing home their own roadkill to eat. It's a song in the country genre extolling the virtues of eating your own road pizza. I don't expect this to chart anytime soon, but if you know anyone who's ever brought home their own roadkill for dinner you might enjoy showing this to them.

Strange thing, after we talked about the article on the mystery of headless deer carcasses popping up all over New Jersey, the very next day my son saw one on Scudders Mill Road in Plainsboro. And the day after that, a friend of mine saw one on I-95. Kind of creepy.

In case you missed the segment, the missing heads seems to be chalked up to people removing the heads of dead deer and trying to find an unscrupulous taxidermist to mount them. I suppose they want to pretend they hunted the deer down in the woods rather than finding it on the side of the highway.