After Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for President, speculation began as to when the Donald would choose the New Jersey Governor as his running mate. Christie said on “Ask The Governor” that he wasn’t promised anything but wouldn’t rule out accepting the VP position. Of course, he says, he would have to discuss it with his wife, Mary Pat.

The Governor also mentioned their 14 year relationship, which would be an asset to Trump to have someone he trusts by his side. The Governor says he is “the highest level endorser Trump has had.” Trump was gracious, saying that Christie’s was “an endorsement that meant a lot.”

I think that should Trump take Christie under his wing, it will be easier for him to run in 2020 or 2024. Conventional wisdom says Trump should pick someone from the south or Midwest. That being said, when has Donald Trump ever done anything conventional? Can you see Trump picking Governor Christie as his running mate?

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