Family stick figures have become as common place on so many vehicles nowadays. But could they be putting your family at risk?

You would think these stickers would be something silly for parents to slap on the back of the mini van and get a good laugh out of it. But police are now warning parents that this may not be such a good idea after all.

A group on Facebook recently posted a photo, warning of the dangers of these family stick figure decals and mapped out how the sticker you choose to represent the family could be giving clues to those with bad intentions.


Could a sticker of your silly stick family really be putting you and your loved ones in harm's way? Not everyone is buying it including us. We can't quite see the market for stick figure predators. Maybe they'll come out with stick figure decals for predators and those looking to harm stick figure families so they don't feel left out? Author Jason Torchinsky of, agrees with us and doesn't believe a stupid sticker on the back of your SUV will suddenly cause your family to go missing or cause someone to follow you home and rob your house.

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