Now that Governor Christie had his lap band surgery it’s time to address the white elephant in the room. (Don't say it, it's just way to easy, let's move on)  Christie says he did it for his family and there’s no reason not to believe him. But you must take into consideration, like I’m sure he has, of a Presidential run. Do you think this surgery could get our Governor to the White House?

Governor Christie addresses weight loss surgery in Newark. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)


Before you answer, remember the surgery is just the first step towards Governor Christie’s weight loss. It must be followed by diet and exercise. I give the Governor a lot of credit for undergoing the surgery and I believe he’s in the perfect state, the “Garden State” to lose the weight.  There must also be exercise, though.


How much does the Governor’s weight play into who he is? Would a thinner man be less gregarious? Would his swagger be taken less seriously? It all depends on what the after-picture looks like. Sometimes people who lose weight don’t look healthy. That’s where the exercise comes in.


Christie’s new found physique could breath more life into his candidacy. The whole world will now be watching every time he appears in public if for no other reason than to check him out. While there, they can also hear his message, the Republican message. Christie’s attitude and swagger can take on new meaning for the party.


Governor Christie has proven to be charismatic, media friendly, likeable and the kind of guy you want in your corner. He could now be just what the doctor ordered for a Republican party that desperately needs a candidate.


Now that the weight is out of the way, will the next question be “Is America ready for a Jersey attitude?”