Gov Christie addressed the question of whether he could issue an executive order to change New Jersey's concealed carry laws during Tuesday night's Ask the Governor.

The idea's been floated in a petition that got more than 16,000 supporters.

John on the Parkway, who said he was a lifelong New Jersey resident, put the question to Christie over concern for his 3 children under the age of 10.

"When I take them to see a football game or even out to the store I have a little bit of a concern based on some of the things that have happened very recently, people attacking other people, I know New Jersey does not really issue carry permits to citizens," John said. "Is there any hope for us to become more like the other states in the country" to allow open carry and concealed carry by legal gun owner?

"I don't think executive order is an option," said Christie when asked it was a possibility.

Christie did not hold out hope for the legislature to take any action. He blamed on "liberal lunatics" and spoke ill of Sen. Loretta Weinberg's proposed smart gun law, which would require every gun dealer in the state to offer at least one gun that uses biometrics to prevent people other than its owner from firing.

"With those kind of people in the legislature it's unlikely you're going to get any statutory changes and for the rest of it we'll have to see what we can do.