Newark Mayor Cory Booker returned to the Sunday morning circuit and found common ground with Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Booker joined a roundtable discussion on This Week with George Stephanopoulos and found himself in agreement with Ryan about bringing American troops home from Afghanistan. Beyond that it was strictly partisan politics as Booker called the Democrat party the "more welcoming" party.

"This is a party that's saying we're going to create a pathway to economic success," Booker said. "We're also going to do it in a way that includes everybody in America and that's why, demographically, if demographics are destiny, the Democratic party is going to continue pushing forward."

Also part of the discussion: George Will, columnist Paul Krugman, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul and ABC correspondent Cokie Roberts. Paul and Booker tweeted throughout the show.

Roberts brought up Booker's possible run for Governor of New Jersey in 2013. Booker laughed it off according to the Star Ledger.