A traffic stop in Roselle Park has led police to an apartment, where they say the found bomb-making materials.

Police clear tape away from Roselle Park home where bomb making material and guns were found (WABC TV)

Authorities have charged 27-year-old Travis Dulk of Roselle Park with unlawful possession of a weapon, unlawful possession of hollow-point ammunition and possession of cocaine and narcotics.

Police say Dulk consented to an initial search of his apartment on Filbert Street after he was arrested during a traffic stop Tuesday.

Detective Sgt. Theodore Dima tells the Star-Ledger police spotted what appeared to be canisters of black powder, several pieces of cut PVC and metal piping, several disassembled firearms, high-capacity magazines and an M-4 carbine.

Dima says police are trying to determine if Dulk is connected to any other criminal activity or just fascinated with firearms and explosives.

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