A suspended New Jersey police officer pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges he chased and gunned down his ex-wife last year while their 7-year-old daughter was in his car.

Marc LeMieux, left, 1st assistant prosecutor for Monmouth County reads the charges against Philipe Seidle, in Freehold, N.J., Wednesday, June 17, 2015. (Tom Spader/The Asbury Park Press via AP, Pool)

Defense attorney Edward Bertucio entered the plea on behalf of Neptune Township Sgt. Philip Seidle to murder, weapons and child endangerment charges, the Asbury Park Press reported.

Seidle was off duty and had his daughter in the front seat of his vehicle when he chased after a car driven by his ex-wife, Tamara, on June 16, according to prosecutors. He crashed into her car, approached her and fired a dozen shots from his service weapon at his ex-wife, killing her, prosecutors said. The 51-year-old woman died at a hospital.

Seidle let police take his daughter from his vehicle and put his service weapon to his head, but he eventually surrendered after a 30-minute standoff, according to police.

Bertucio said discussed a possible plea bargain with prosecutors but wouldn't speculate about his client's plans.

"We're in discussions," Bertucio said. "It's a sensitive point in the case. I have no idea what Mr. Seidle plans to do. Whatever it is will be in keeping with the best interests of his children."


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