The off-duty New York City police officer killed in a hit-and-run on the New Jersey Turnpke had just pulled his gun on a woman, screaming at her "You don't know who I am" and "I can kill you right now" numerous time, a report claims.

The report by WABC — citing unnamed sources — says Officer Vincent Harrison rear-ended a woman who was traveling southbound in the Turnpike's right center lane Sunday. Harrison got out of his vehicle and walked up to other car, in which the woman was in the front and her 2-year-old child was in the back, the report says.

Harrison and the woman got into some kind of verbal dispute, and he pulled out his service weapon, pointing it at the woman while she remained seated as he yelled "You don't know who I am" and "I can kill you right now" numerous times, the report claims. It says as he backed away from the woman, he stepped into Turnpike lanes and was struck.

Authorities alleged charge William Espinal-Mejia, 35, struck Harrison and drove off. Espinal-Mejia was arrested Monday and pleaded not guilty to second-degree leaving the scene Wednesday, according to multiple reports. His bail was kept at $100,000.

New Jersey State Police said in announcement of the charges that "At the scene it was reported to troopers that Harrison engaged in an exchange of words with the driver of the (woman's) Escape and then had his weapon drawn immediately prior to being struck by (Espinal-Mejia's) Infinity," but didn't elaborate on that altercation.

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