A New Brunswick police officer is himself in trouble with the law. It seems he did what many of us wish more cops would do; throw out a ticket after writing one. An editor of an online newspaper observed the unnamed officer throw ticket books into the trash. Upon recovering them from the trash it was discovered that a couple had been fully written out including the officer's copy and the court's copy but were never put into the system.

All I know is too many people have heard "once I've started writing the ticket I have to put it through." This is true, it's the law, but it's ridiculous. It takes away an officer's discretion. Perhaps a cop learns something mitigating after writing the ticket. So he throws the ticket out, big deal. We live in a state where PBA cards are handed out like candy at a 4th of July parade and it's an institutionalized form of the same thing. Yet it's allowed to exist for years unquestioned. I hope this editor of this online so-called newspaper finds better things to do with his time.