What does it take for a New Jersey school teacher to be fired? Too often tenure is worn as a bullet proof vest.

Adam Hochron's story about Brenda Bruni makes my blood boil. She was pulled over in Raritan Twp. for speeding last year. In the middle of the traffic stop she decides to take off, starting a police chase. Her lame excuse was that she was worried about her mother-in-law who suffers Parkinson's and dementia. She asked the officer in the middle of the traffic stop if they could both go to her house and the officer said not until his business was completed and ordered her to remain there. She didn't. She ran from the cops, speeding once again. Several minutes later another officer blocked her path and the chase was over. She was taken into custody and police smelled marijuana and found a one-hitter on her. If you don't know, that's a small pipe you smoke marijuana with. She had a lame excuse for that as well. Bruni said she found it in her husband's truck a week earlier and put it in her purse. Riiiiight.

So after her arrest, proceedings began by the Bernards Twp School District to have her fired on grounds of conduct unbecoming a teacher. Guess what? It finally went before an arbitrator who told the district she cannot be fired. The ruling said she did not deserve the "ultimate penalty" for the reasons that her actions "did not touch any students or other members of the school community."


How can you expect any discipline in a classroom once the students find out their teacher has possessed drug paraphernalia and led police on a high speed chase? Doesn't touch any of the students? We expect students to behave themselves outside the classroom on their own time when it comes to things like social media and bullying. We now don't have the same standard for those who's job it is to educate them? You can speed, have drug paraphernalia in your car and run from law enforcement and still keep your job? If you're going to have rules about conduct unbecoming a teacher then what exactly would you have to do to fail that standard? Brenda Bruni should no longer be a teacher. I don't say this lightly nor from any animosity towards teachers. I happen to be married to one. And if she ever did something this stupid she would be the first to agree with me that she should lose her job.

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