Phones have become useful for more than just making phone calls. We rely on our smart phones for a lot of things - banking, directions, weather, social media. But, there are still other cool things smart phones can do that many people don't know about. 

Motorola Razr M smartphone (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Did you know that your phone can identify objects just by taking a picture of them? Your phone can also act as a universal remote control, and it can even start your car for you! Click here to view the entire list of cool smart phone functions.

Dennis and Judi listeners called in to share some great things they found out their smart phones can do.

Pete in Pennsauken

There is a way for you to put your smart phone screen on your television.

Donna in Springfield

You can program smart phones to open lockboxes in homes.

Dion in Bordentown

You can turn old smart phones into security cameras.

Alex on Route 78

You can use any gaming system on your phone.

Mark in Seaside Heights

Firefighters can hear dispatches on their phone with the E-Dispatch app.

AJ in Livingston

There is an app that will allow you to scroll LED messages on your phone.

Preston in Jersey City

You can renew your prescriptions via an app for your Pharmacy.

Dave in Mount Holly

You can find traffic cameras via an app.

William in Vineland

There is an app that will give you driving directions, and show you were cops and speed traps are located.

What are some cool things you found out your smart phone can do? Keep the list going by commenting below.