Politics in New Jersey is rough and tumble business for sure. It's made worse by decisions on the part of operatives that undermine the credibility of the candidates they hope to help.

One of the most recent examples is the outrageous letter that circulated last week with the names of several leading Hispanic Pastors from around the state. The message was a condemnation of Kim Guadagno's ad attacking Phil Murphy with his own words. It was also a positive piece regarding the Democratic candidate Murphy. The only problem is several of the pastors didn't give permission to have their names included and in some cases had no idea the letter was written until it circulated around political circles.

The real issue is way beyond the position that Phil Murphy has taken on Sanctuary cities and his claim to want to make NJ a sanctuary state. This is about the politics of lies and deceit and the willingness of someone to use a name of a respected religious leader without their permission to further a candidate's chances in November.

Of course I think it's dangerous policy on the part of Phil Murphy to push back on a legal process and a sensible Law Enforcement directive that is designed to keep child rapists and murderers off the streets. But this is beyond the political rhetoric and ads.

This is about the fact that someone isn't being honest. Now we don't know exactly who is lying and keeping the truth hidden, but somebody created and delivered a letter intended to create a racial bias among Hispanic voters. The politics of race and deceit are unacceptable. Especially when you're dealing with a fabricated group and a fraudulent message.

Murphy's campaign response? Deny drafting and distributing the letter, but praise the message and the Pastors. Imagine if these guys are willing to tolerate this kind of deceitful action on their behalf during the campaign, just what a Governor would do trying to hold onto power. Food for thought.

I had a chance to catch up with one of the pastors very concerned his name was used without permission. Pastor Jose Lopez joined me this morning on the air to discuss how he had no idea that his name was being used in this letter.

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