If you travel the Garden State Parkway ramp at Exit 105, you've probably ended up in a bottleneck. That may soon be changing thanks to an ambitious plan from the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

Southbound exit 105 on the Garden State Parkway (YouTube)

Plans to overhaul the exit that brings you to either Routes 36 or 18 are moving forward. The permits are in and contracts for the two-phase construction will be awarded this fall.

The idea has been in the works for a number of years and there were several public hearings on the project that allowed residents and motorists to offer their opinions and suggestions.

Just some of the initial plans include:

· Moving the northbound exit ramp 400 feet south of Route 36

· Installing a new ramp opposite of that realigned northbound exit ramp, which would provide a better access point to Route 36 eastbound from Hope Road and GSP north.

· Constructing a reverse jug-handle in the northeast quadrant of the Hope Road intersection, to eliminate the existing left turn for northbound traffic from Hope Road.

· Realigning the existing reverse jug-handle in the southeast quadrant of the intersection to intersect with the new realigned northbound exit ramp.

· Constructing a forward jug-handle with a signalized intersection 600 feet north of Route 36, opposite Park Road, that would accommodate left and right turns from Route 36 westbound to Hope Road.

· Constructing a new access road to Wayside Road from the local GSP southbound lanes, with minor widening of Wayside Road, to provide easier access to Route 18.

· Construction of a second deceleration lane leading up to the GSP northbound Exit 105 interchange.

Turnpike Authority Spokesman Tom Feeney says the main issue is the weaving.

"You have several lanes of travel and different directions both north and south. Everyone is essentially trying to get to the same place. These plans will keep things moving and eliminate the backups."

The Hope Road portion will be complete by the fall of next year. The Wayside Road section will be done in the summer of 2015.