Besides today, every day this week has a chance for some rain.

Temperatures this week will be fairly consistent, mid to upper 60s every day. These temperatures are close to normal temperatures of this time of the year. Unfortunately, there will be a chance for some precipitation every day this week.

Cause for Rain

As a slow-moving low pressure system tracks much north of our area and into Canada, rain bands associated with the system may reach New Jersey. This causes the chance of rain each day.

Cold Front Mid-Week

A weak cold front will move into the area Tuesday night and stall on Wednesday but will eventually move out of here as a warm front moves in.

Since it is a weak cold front, it should not drastically decrease temperatures.

Models for Later in the Week

A trough in the jet stream will form over western United States, while a ridge forms over eastern United States. As the week progresses, this trough will move into our area and may potentially bring a strong rain event later in the week.

Similar to last week, we are expecting rain toward the end of the week on Friday and Saturday. Along with this rain, there will be a much stronger cold front, compared to the one on Tuesday night, that will move into our area. This means that temperatures will be slightly cooler again this weekend.