I’ve never been shy about saying how Governor Christie would have made an interesting choice for VP candidate alongside Mitt Romney.

Christie I’ve always felt would bring some fire to the debate…since Romney has little if any “o’ pebb’ en cuol’” (trans: pepper in his butt or energy.)

However, Congressman Paul Ryan is no slouch in that department either.

Witness his speech made to the President on the Health Care Reform Act:

But since the VP choice became headline news over the weekend, and if you’re following along with the process…do you feel the GOP challenger made the right choice?

Chances are the following:

1) If you support President Obama, perhaps you feel the choice of Congressman Ryan is a good one because of his supposed “Achilles Heel” when it comes to his position on the revamping of Medicare. The Obama team will play that one up to the hilt.

2) If you support Romney, perhaps you believe the choice of Ryan energizes the base due to his “fiscal conservatism”.

3) There’s also the conspiracy theorist in me that suggests the GOP may already be looking to 2016 for a possible Christie run…should Romney/Ryan not win in 2012.

I realize that last one’s “out there”, especially since there are a few variables thrown into that possibility.

Like Governor Christie’s deciding whether or not to run for Governor again in 2013; and whether or not he’d win.

However, should the Governor be chosen to give the keynote address at the upcoming Republican Convention; you know all eyes will be on him should 2012 not be the year of the GOP.

However, the deck may have been stacked against the Governor from “jump street.”

In the end, Mitt Romney’s decision to pick U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate over Gov. Chris Christie may have more to do with Wisconsin lawmaker’s policy credentials than anything else. And Christie himself often said he didn’t expect to be asked, repeating that he’s nobody’s Number 2.

But experts say Romney bypassed Christie for lots of reasons, ranging from the governor’s more moderate politics in a party that’s shifted right to a simple matter of style.

Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray thought it strange Romney would choose Ryan, a candidate so attractive to the conservative Republican base, when those are the very voters he could already count on.

"While the base might not be enthusiastic about Romney, their antagonism toward Obama will be enough to get them out to the polls in November," he said.

Those same conservatives may have been put off by some of Christie’s stances.

He’s New Jersey’s first anti-abortion governor in the nearly 40 years since Roe v. Wade, but nationally often strikes a moderate tone. He opposes same-sex marriage but nominated an openly gay man to the state Supreme Court. He pulled the state out of a program intended to control carbon emissions, but conceded climate change exists. He vetoed a bill that would have set up an online health exchange, but didn’t to join other states in a lawsuit against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. And he expressed sympathy with Muslims in the United States who can be painted as terrorists.

Christie’s in-your-face Jersey style could have also played a role in Romney’s decision. The presidential hopeful is "reserved" — the word Christie uses to describe him. Christie typically makes no apology for his bombast, calling a Navy SEAL an "idiot", a reporter "stupid" and likening a budget official to "Dr. Kevorkian."

I always felt that it’s the latter; though we found it “endearing” in varying degrees…not everyone in the country is in love with “Jersey Style!”

Besides, I don’t believe a candidate like Governor Romney would want someone like a Sarah Palin to grab the spotlight away from him.

So given all that you’ve come to digest over the past weekend…do you feel that Romney/Ryan makes a more compelling ticket than Romney/Christie?