Congressman Tom MacArthur joined me this morning to discuss a briefing he had with FBI officials regarding the recent bombings.

Congressman MacArthur upon hearing of the explosion in Seaside Heights on Saturday, cancelled his day and went to the scene and spent the day speaking with law enforcement officials to discuss the efforts going on to keep people safe. MacArthur said he went to the scene on Saturday to make sure that NJ residents had a sense of what was going on in their community.

I asked MacArthur if there was a message or advice that the FBI had for NJ residents, like "If You See Something Say Something," and the congressman said that the FBI's focus was really on investigating the crime and finding out what happened.

"My concern is my constituents," MacArthur said. MacArthur went on to explain that while there are certain things that he could not reveal from his briefing with the FBI, there is information that can be shared with NJ residents. "While there is no direct evidence yet that this is a broader cell, we have to keep our eyes open" MacArthur stated.  MacArthur used the example of someone questioning an empty backpack that was found in Seaside Heights the day of the race. While that turned out to be nothing, it delayed the race and possibly helped avert any injuries along the route when the explosive device did go off.

You can hear the interview with Tom MacArthur in the YouTube clip above.

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