Congratulations to the Jersey Turnpike, which celebrated it's 60th Birthday Saturday.  Unfortunately, I did not think of that Friday night when I attempted to go to the City.

Getting from the Turnpike Exit for the Lincoln Tunnel to the New York end of the tube took one hour and forty minutes. Little had I planned to be caught in the very midst of the Birthday festivities. It was a grand party, though.  Celebrants observed the joyous occasion with much honking of horns, kamikazi runs at a different lane, whooping and coughing on fumes, and no infrequent display of the New Jersey State Bird. All in all, a good time was had by all. And the 12 dollar toll? Well, consider that the same toll 60 years ago, at the Turnpike opening, would have been 15 cents, and traffic so sparse you would scarcely have to slow down, you have to wonder if progress is worth it.  Nevertheless, it was a grand party! Congratulations, Jersey turnpike.