"Pomp And Circumstance" has been playing across the Great Garden State over the last few days...its graduation season!

While the college graduations took place a few week back, its now time to congratulate the (put name of your town here) High School Class of 2013!

I've seen balloons tied to mailboxes, like above, and seen proud parents standing in the checkout line at the store with "2013" balloons in hand!

With that in mind, it occurs to me that we often overlook another graduating class...those who will be the high school freshman this fall...

My neighbor (and Tractor Race sponsor) teaches 8th grade math in my town.  Each year, he compiles an "end of the year" slideshow for the 7th graders, and 8th graders.  Like last year, I ("DJ!") produced the soundtrack for the show. Never thinking that it would happen, I said aloud: "Gee..it would be cool to see how the kids react to the slides and the music..."

Lo and behold, Thursday morning, I was standing in the back of the auditorium as the 8th graders (the graduating class) hooted and hollered, fist-bumped and hi-five'd to the pictures, and sang along with some of the songs.


They, too, are embarking on a new stage in their lives. Lets not overlook their accomplishment. After all, this "Class of 2013" will be the high school "Class Of 2017," and for some, the college "Class Of 2021."

That's a lot of balloons!