During last night's NHL playoff matchup between the Washington Capitals and the Philadelphia Flyers, the Flyers were penalized after Philadelphia fans were throwing bracelets onto the ice. As a Philadelphia sports fan himself, Dennis felt the need to confess.

Dennis Malloy acknowledged his sins that began 15 years ago when he would take his family to Philadelphia Flyers games. His son was 10 at the time, and a fan of popular Pittsburgh Penguins right winger Jaromir Jagr. He figured that fans wouldn't heckle a ten year old for wearing an opposing team's jersey, but he was mistaken.

It was then that it hit him that Philadelphia sports fans are "violently demented." His advice to those crazy fans? "Stay the bleep home!"

Take a look at Dennis Malloy's confessions in the clip above. To see and hear the reaction to last night's penalty from Philadelphia Flyers PA announcer Lou Nolan during the game, watch the clip below.

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