A concrete slab fell from the ceiling of the Asbury Park Convention Hall and onto an outdoor walkway late Sunday morning.

Walkway at Convention Hall in Asbury Park after a concrete slab fell from the ceiling (Asbury Park Sun)

The twelve-foot by six-foot slab fell onto an area in the northeast corner of the building where a baby shower was scheduled to take place an hour later according to the Asbury Park Sun

"It was so loud that it sounded like an explosion," Connie Nappi told Jersey Shore Hurricane News.

George Selah a city construction official, inspected the area after the fall.He tells the Sun that boardwalk redeveloper Madison Marquette will have to hire a structural engineer to make sure the walkway is safe before it can be reopened.

Fire Marshal Garett Giberson tells the Asbury Park Sun the Anchor's Bend bar will stay closed infefinately but the Beach Bar on the building's south side will reopen today.