Wow, I don't even know what to say. Zach Schwitzky and Erik David Barber of Hoboken have revolutionized the morning commute by kayaking to work across the Hudson River. First there's the pros column. With the high cost of gasoline you're certainly avoiding that. Tolls constantly going up? You're avoiding that too. These guys say kayaking from Hoboken to their office in Hell's Kitchen takes about half an hour. You might even be saving time, depending on a lot of things. Then there's public transportation, which they agree they hate. Replace that with the solitude. The workout they're getting is great, but of course you have to be in great shape to dare kayaking across the Hudson river to begin with.

Then there's the cons column. Do you really want to have to wear a wet suit every morning then change clothes all the time? How's the smell working out for you on that kayak commute? Then there's the danger. These guys admit they have to constantly avoid river traffic. They'll see the barges but the barges aren't going to see them. And how do you have your coffee? No cup holders on a kayak I imagine. Sure road rage is gone, but are they discovering such a thing as seagull rage? Just sayin'.

My guess is within a year they'll be back on the bus. Or in a car. For the time being though, if you're a barge operator working the Hudson river and you see a tiny speck one morning, pay attention. That might just be Zach or Erik from New Jersey.

I know that a lot of you guys in Jersey have a hellish commute to New York City everyday. Would you try this out? Take our poll below.