The I Am Trenton Community Foundation was launched in 2007 by a group of residents determined to make the city a better place to live.

I Am Trenton (Facebook)

"We want to improve our city, make Trenton even better by engaging the community, by building pride in our city, sending a positive message about the city, and through our community-focused giving," said Dan Fatton, president.

Each year, they donate grants to different groups and individuals that share their goal of building up the Trenton community.

"We've given out about 30 grants, mostly to grass-roots organizations," Fatton said.

The 2014 grant process is underway as candidates submitted applications last week.

Fatton said they are projected to dole out nearly $6,000 in grants later this year. In an effort to maximize the grant dollars, they have been promoting collaboration between groups.

"We try to use our grant-making to really encourage partnerships, and we're certainly interested in supporting new initiatives," he explained.

I Am Trenton raises the money that gets distributed by holding several events, in addition to their their main revenue stream of selling t-shirts that say, 'I Am Trenton.'

Despite several issues continuing to hover over Trenton, including crime, poverty and corruption, Fatton said his group is 'eternally optimistic' about the city.

"Even through the darkest days of the last few years, we've tried to shine a light on the positive things that are happening in the city."

Learn more about the charity and how you can support it by visiting the I Am Trenton website and Facebook page.