Gov. Chris Christie is no stranger to hecklers and people taking stabs at him in public. His reactions to these detractors have made headlines and he's generally known for his ability to keep his cool. Until recently.

Jessica Kourkounis, Getty Images

According to an article on, Christie became visibly agitated as 71-year-old daytime talk show host and comedian Joy Behar took stabs at the well-known New Jersey governor during a roast of of ex-New Jersey governor Brendan Byrne.

During the roast, Christie was seen attempting "to wrench away Behar's notes before she even gets a chance to tell her jokes," Gawker reports. Behar, former host of The View, told Christie not to "bully" her, alluding to comments that have been made about the governor in the past in which he's been referred to as a bully.