Comedian Randy Liedtke wanted to see what would happen when he drove around with a cookie in his hand that was shaped like an iPhone. In California, there are laws against texting and driving and there are laws against using a handheld phone and driving as well. But apparently, no one created a law to prevent driving with a cookie shaped like an iPhone and holding it to your head. Liedtke said on his Twitter account that if he was pulled over "I'll just take a bite and ask if cookies are against the law."


Liedtke drove around long enough and finally found a cop that would pull him over. The problem is, the joke wound up on Liedtke. While driving with a cookie is not a violation of the law, not paying your parking tickets is. It seems that Liedtke had a warrant out for his arrest for unpaid parking tickets and was arrested at the scene.

Hours later he tweeted out the photo below: