I'm not a fan of Nick Cannon. Comedy is subjective. I don't think he's funny. I've seen some stand up comedy and there are very few people who really impress me, including myself!

But if you agree to "clean it up" for a Catholic college in writing, then work clean. If your 7 and 12-year old daughters are in the front row, then work clean. The administration was upset at his act and want an apology. The students thought he was hysterical.

An expected outcome since "humping furniture" is funnier to a college student than a college administrator. Add to that, the excessive profanity and the fact that your little girls are right in front of you and it makes you wonder where we're headed.

There have been outrageous things printed and said on the air of major networks in the last year that even shocked me. Including Michael Che, the anchor of "Weekend Update" on SNL, this past week calling President Trump a "cheap cracker." Imagine a racial epithet being used against the former president and that person not being immediately vilified, scorned, ridiculed and fired! Deservedly so.

Is a racial epithet a "racial epithet" or are they on a sliding scale? You and I know the answer to that. But when you ask, why are we accepting this escalating level of vulgarity, you have to look at the President himself.

It's hard to push back against it when President Trump has sunk to levels no previous candidate or president has done before. It's no justification to say "he did it first", but it certainly makes it harder to make the case for "just let the guy do his job" given his track record on vile comments.

I'm rooting for him to do a good job but it's hard to rail against the ugliness of some of his critics in light of what he has said in the past. As far as Nick Cannon is concerned, if you don't have a lot of talent or good material, "hump something on stage and curse a lot."

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