On South Street in Morristown is a store the likes of which you've never seen before. It's called "Just Jersey". And it is just what you think: An emporium of cool, kitschy and culinary delights all MADE IN JERSEY.

I have to tell you, you won't realize how much we make here in the Garden State, till you take a look at the inventory here. It kinda makes you proud to be a Jerseyan. What a great idea to celebrate our state while giving a leg-up to NJ's small and inventive businesses!

Den and I thought we'd start our own Jersey business. (In our fantasy world, that is, where we always create cool, lucrative businesses) So we asked our listeners what we should stock in our store. We got so many calls from people who make and sell stuff here, we had to pick our faves! Here are the ten items we've decided to sell.

It's kind of an eclectic selection of foods, but we think it'll make for a nice shopping experience.

  • Calandra's Bread
  • Woof Woof Barkery dog treats
  • Masi Dental Prosthetics
  • Geller Toy trains
  • Jersey Modeler Model planes
  • Coastal Chairware
  • Painless Designs custom t-shirts
  • Rod Worx Custom Fishing Rods
  • Rook Coffee
  • Jersey Fresh Crushed tomatoes

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