Not everyone in South Jersey is rooting for the Eagles to top the Patriots in Sunday's game.

Collingswood Mayor James Maley posted a letter on the borough Facebook page — sent in jest to some Patriots fans flying their "eyesore" team flag deep in Eagles country

"We have been advised that you continue to fly this flag in violation of Borough Ordinances. In the event you do not immediately remove this flag, the Borough will be forced to shut off water to your house," reads the letter.

Letter sent to Patriots fans in Collinsgwood (Borough of Collingswood)

The town accompanied the letter with the notes "#flyeaglesfly #wemeanbusiness #whyilovecollingswood" in its Facebook post.

Most people responding seemed to take it as the intended jest — but a few commenters on the borough's Facebook page were confused.

"(They)" can legally shut your water off for flying a flag?" John Morrison wrote.

"Sarcasm/satire is a beautiful thing," Erik Bond replied.

Meanwhile, the Patriots have a fan in Massachusetts native Gov. Phil Murphy who told, "Let there be no doubt: I have grown up and I remain today a Patriots fan."

The governor is also close friends with Jon Bon Jovi who in turn is tight with Patriots owner Bob Kraft. The Jersey rocker was on the sidelines of Foxboro Stadium during the Patriots win over Jacksonville to earn a trip to the Super Bowl.