These Texas Tech students are completely clueless about US politics... It's pretty unbelievable.

These kids are joking, right? We honestly cannot believe that this is a real video from  educated students at a legitimate university. In this video, Texas Tech student political group PoliTech went around to random students asking them basic facts about American history and politics. The kids seemed nice enough, but boy did they look stupid during some of the questions.

Think we're kidding? Have a look at this video. One would hope that a college-educated student would at least know who the Vice President was. With all of the thousands of dollars parents spend on their child's education, it's embarrassing that these kids don't even know basic things about our country. These students are voters and future leaders of America. It makes us wonder where our education system went wrong.

Do you think if an organization asked Rutgers students these questions, we'd see a similar response? Or is this an isolated incident? Check out the video below and let us know what you think.