Colin Kaepernick must have figured with his declining skills as a quarterback, he may as well try to get headlines another way.

He’s got a right to not stand up and show respect for the nation that has provided him with so much opportunity.  Maybe he’s upset about his declining skills which show a likelihood of his becoming irrelevant when the 49ers eventually let him go.

After all, he’s had a rough past few seasons as his ratings continue to decline securing him a firm position at the bottom of the NFL QB rankings last season.

The sad part is that his commentary about oppression lacks perspective and has no basis in reality.  It struck me that while he was whining about ‘oppression’ and ‘police brutality’ an 8-year-old girl was dying of a gunshot wound from a likely gang shooting in Camden.  Scores of people die every month as criminal gangs run roughshod over city communities with law enforcement doing their best to keep the violence at bay.

If Colin Kaepernick wants to be relevant and have his voice heard then maybe he ought to address the homegrown violence and murder happening in cities across America.  The real crisis of civil rights in our time is the lack of access to education, jobs and quality of life for millions of Americans living under a constant threat of violence in our cities.  Many of them of course are black and hispanic.  The police officers who work these cities are heroes. A former NFL player like Pat Tillman who not only gave up his NFL career but gave his life for the country, is a real hero. People like Kaepernick (and Beyonce for that matter) should educate themselves and use their celebrity for something productive.

In the meantime, don’t burn his jersey to express your outrage, just ignore the guy.

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