Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels signed a 6 year contract extension worth $144 million dollars. The extension runs through the 2018 season and includes a vesting option for 2019 along with a limited no trade provision according to ESPN’s Buster Olney.

Phils General Manager Ruben Amarro Junior in announcing Hamels “We got to the finish line and that was the goal, to keep Cole in a Phillies uniform for the foreseeable future,” It is a 6 year deal that’s unprecedented as far as the Phillies are concerned, but I think we did it with the right person and the right family”


What finally convinced Hamels were the fans, especially the way they supported him in his last start Saturday which resulted in a loss. “ I know words can’t describe the emotions that you get, especially when you want things to go so well, but the way to have the fans standing and cheering, that was ultimately thedeciding point to really want to be here, it was really because of them”