Thursday morning temperatures are in the single digits, with dangerously cold wind chills as low as -10 degrees.

As promised, the core of this arctic air mass has made it to New Jersey this morning. And so, we are seeing the coldest temperatures of the season so far. Making matters worse is the wind, gusting to about 20 miles per hour this morning. The combination of extreme cold and gusty winds is what makes for a dangerous morning, as the human body is susceptible to rapid heat loss (hypothermia) and localized skin damage (frostbite) from these frigid weather conditions.

Here are the latest temperatures and wind chills from the NJ Weather & Climate Network:


Record low temperatures for this morning are 3 at Newark (set in 1970), -12 at Trenton (set in 1866), and 2 at Atlantic City (set in 1981). That almost 150 year-old record in Trenton seems safe, but we're a little too close for comfort for the rest of the state.

While this will be the coldest morning and afternoon of this particular cold spell, there's no big relief in sight. Both of the next two nights will have low temperatures in the teens and wind chills in the single digits. Friday will be slightly warmer - hopefully even above freezing for most of the state. But Saturday is bitterly cold again. And even the "warmup" that is promised in the extended forecast for early next week only returns us to around average high temperatures. We are very much stuck in a real winter pattern with real winter temperatures through at least next weekend.

Luckily (or unfortunately, if you're hungry for snow), there are no "big" storms on the horizon. Snow showers are in the forecast for Friday morning and again on Monday afternoon.