We talked for four hours on the show tonight about the Penn State scandal, but I find the following information intriguing as well.  Will we hear more about the district attorney who didn't prosecute former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky for sex crimes in 1998 and later went missing in 2005?

Ray Gricar was the long-time district attorney of Centre County, the home of Penn State's main campus.  He had called home about 12 hours before his car was found in Lewisburg, PA, about 60 miles from where he lived.  Months later, his laptop and hard drive smashed to pieces were found as well, but his body was never discovered.  He was legally declared dead in July of this year, but his missing persons folder is still open on the FBI site.

Bruce Castor, a Montgomery County, PA commissioner and a former county district attorney who had worked with Gricar suspects "foul play by someone who would have a motive to specifically target him.  If someone really wants to get a prosecutor, they can.  Especially in the country like that."  Gricar was presented with the case after a boy's mother complained to police that her son had showered with Sandusky.  Gricar's office was the only local or state agency contacted about an alleged victim.  This puts forth a lot of questions:  Why did he not prosecute Sandusky in 1999? Not enough evidence?  Castor has said that Gricar was a pretty tough prosecutor and did he could see him favoring Sandusky because of his stature.  Was he aware of the new allegations three years before his  if this is tied to the Sandusky case, the story just keeps getting more horrific.