Ok so maybe you got in over your head.

Or maybe you lost your job, been out of work, and now find yourself in foreclosure as hundreds of New Jerseyans are.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Because according to this: West Orange and advocate for the mentally ill and homeless, Senator Dick Codey, is proposing , among other things, to establish a corporation to buy foreclosed properties from lenders to increase the affordable housing stock available for the homeless.

It’s one of several legislative initiatives the Democrat proposed on Tuesday.

Ok, so being somewhat addled as I can be at times…let me review.

You’re about to become homeless yourself.

Instead of allowing you some means to stay in the home that you’ve done everything in your power to hold onto (assuming you’ve been responsible), and are now about to lose; the Senator would like a corporation set up by the state to buy the forclosure and sell it as affordable housing, conceivably to ease the homeless problem.

If it becomes "affordable"; then shouldn't you, who've lost the home, and are probably meeting all the requirements to "afford" said "affordable housing", be given first crack at KEEPING SAID HOME!

Kind of like robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

Help me!

I'm losing my mind!

Maybe Senator Codey could devise a program to help me and the thousands of others here who face a similar mental breakdown from happening!


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