Rutgers has had two major homophobic bullying incidents in the past 3 years going back to the suicide of Tyler Clementi.   

Andy Marlin/Getty Images


And now the firing of mens basketball coach Mike Rice and resignation of athletic director Tim Pernetti. Rutgers President Dr Robert Barchi has apologized to LBGTQ community.

If Rutgers is to “rebound” from this latest scandal and turn their image around,they need to get to the head of the line when it comes to anti bullying.  New Jersey has the toughest anti bullying laws in the country and with Rutgers being a state university what better way to reinvent yourself then to become a leader in this field.


Coaches vs Cancer is a terrific charity that raises money for cancer research.  . St Joseph’s coach Phil Martelli served as the Chairman of the Coaches vs Cancer National Council in 2011. Martelli’s son Jimmy known as ‘The Baby Rice” has resigned from Rutgers.


What I think would be a great idea for Rutgers going forward to form “Coaches vs. Bullying” where they can raise awareness and build self confidence not only in those venerable children and teenagers who become targets but in those who feel the need to bully as well. After all, isn’t molding minds, building confidence, and teaching a winning attitude what coaches are supposed to do?