CNN commentator and Jersey girl, Tara Setmayer joined me this morning to recap the latest Republican debate from South Carolina.

We both watched the debate last night and I wanted to know if Tara thought there were any surprises, including the fact that Gov. Christie's campaign was considered DOA at one point, to now, he seems to be surging into the top 3 or 4 candidates in the Republican primaries.

"It's been an interesting turn of events for Chris Christie," Setmayer said. "What has propelled Christie back into the top tier is the issue of national security. it allows him to talk tough. He reminds everyone about his US attorney days, and how he prosecuted terrorists and how he has first hand experience with this. So it takes away the focus from his failures here domestically in New Jersey. He's only at 33%, he's not popular in his own state."

A caller earlier in the morning had brought up to me the fact that he didn't appreciate Christie's comment about kicking President Obama's butt out of the White House. Setmayer said that Christie walks a very fine line with his style sometimes. "He oversteps a lot of times and we go 'ugghhhhh.' Is that really presidential?  And that was something we were concerned about. I know I am. You and I go back and forth sometimes about Donald Trump. Temparment matters. It really does."

Listen to the entire interview and Tara's predictions for the GOP candidates in the YouTube clip above.

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