No one knows who it is. All anyone knows is someone is dressing like a clown, specifically like Pennywise the clown from the Stephen King movie It. Just stands around places on Staten Island not saying a word. Just looking at people. Occasionally holding out a balloon offering. Some folks there are getting unnerved. If you take a look at this article, including pics of the mystery clown, you'll see why. Odd thing is this seems to be a copy cat.

Last year in Northampton, England a 22 year old man was dressing as Pennywise the clown doing the same creepy thing. Is there anything illegal going on here though? Just a guy dressed as an evil clown from a 1990's horror flick staring at people. Clearly these 'clowns' do this to freak people out but if they want to be an imbecile, short of any local loitering laws, it seems it's their right.