If you love clowns, fear clowns, or, like me, are just highly annoyed by clowns, here's an usual story for you. In Westwood police responded to a call about a vehicle that struck a utility pole. When they got there, they found several cars pulled over with several clowns milling about. It seems Call Us Clowns, a not for profit organization that puts on clown shows at schools and hospitals (to which I'd say aren't sick kids going through enough already?), had just wrapped up a 10 clown show at a day camp for kids.

As the clowns drove away in their respective vehicles, still in full clown costume and makeup mind you, a 68 year old female clown lost control of her car and hit the pole. "Poppi T Clown" was a witness and told police the driver had her GPS fall off the windshield and was trying to grab it when she veered off the road. Too bad Fizbo the clown from Modern Family couldn't have been there to make this an even more ridiculous scene for the cops. If you'd like to read more about this and can suffer through having to look at a clown picture, here it is.