Wednesday's high temperatures were in the mid 40s to the low 50s.

Atlantic City's 52 was the mildest.  Fifty-two or 53 is where we should be now for this time of the year.  Remember, spring starts at 12:57 p.m. this afternoon.

With some returning sunshine today, there will be a brisk wind developing.  Most highs should make it into the middle to, perhaps, upper 50s. I suppose it's not impossible that somebody in far South Jersey gets to 60s.

Clear skies and colder tonight with some 20s, but many 30s elsewhere.

A sunny, beautiful day on Friday, but cooler, only in the low 50s or so during the afternoon.

Clouds and some sunshine on Saturday with the slight chance of just a morning shower or sprinkle.  Many places will not see anything at all.  Saturday highs could reach 60 to 65.

Partly sunny and cooler Sunday around 50 or so.

We do have a storm threat of maybe some snow, believe it or not, by Tuesday night or Wednesday of next week.  Stay tuned.