Well, it managed to make 40 degrees yesterday, and in some cases, 41 in Wrightstown and Atlantic City.

That was certainly a help to get some of the snow to melt. But again, the normal high temperature is 47 to 49 now, so we were far below that.

It will be colder today with a brisk wind off the ocean, and no worse than a partly sunny sky with a few highs in the low 30s.

Mostly cloudy tonight in the 20s, but 30 or so right along the coast.

It looks like our storm system that we have been watching for days will be coming close enough tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night to produce the chance of some rain, mainly in Central and South Jersey.  Highs from 37 to 42.

Any of the rain that's left over Friday night will ending Saturday morning, if it's not already over with.

Clouds and some sunshine with a few highs getting to near normal, around 50 or so on Saturday afternoon.

Some sunshine Sunday in the mid 40s.