Highest temperatures yesterday reached the low 70s; 71 in Trenton and Atlantic City, 72 in Wrightstown, Burlington County.

We are going to have some clouds that may break for some sunshine in parts of the state today, especially South Jersey with a few highs near 70, but cooler near the ocean.  There might be a shower in a few North Jersey spots this morning.

Some clouds and late patchy fog tonight with statewide lows from 58 to 62.

There's the chance of early fog Friday, then cloudy to partly sunny with highs in the low 70s, but cooler along the coast.

Saturday looks alright, although there's the chance of a shower, especially in the afternoon. It'll partly to mostly cloudy.

Rain and wind develop on Sunday. This is assuming that Sandy comes close enough to the Mid-Atlantic coast. It's going to be moving north or north-northwestward through the Bahamas and then turn northeastward off the Mid-Atlantic coast of North and South Carolina by the start of the weekend.

It is eventually supposed to curve back to the north and northwest, and may impact the Mid-Atlantic coast of Delaware and South Jersey by the time we get to Sunday night or on Monday.

If that's the case, we are going to have some very strong winds, coastal flooding, flooding inland because of some heavy rain, and some problems with power outages.

If it goes farther off-shore, as one of the models implies, we'll have no problem at all.

So, we're not quite sure exactly just yet, although I'm leaning toward big-time issues with the storm as we head into the end of the weekend.