To my surprise, high temperatures made it to the upper 50s yesterday, not the low to mid 50s that I predicted.

It got as warm as 59 in Trenton and Mount Holly, 58 in Atlantic City, 55 at Newark, which was for a change, the lowest reading of those four stations.

Today will be back well into the 60s with clouds and and some sunshine across the state.  It'll be a bit cooler, though, near the ocean.

Mostly cloudy tonight with the chance of late showers, in spots, with a few lows in the 40s, but 55 to 60 in urban and coastal areas.

Some showers moving through tomorrow, certainly through early and mid-afternoon, but some clearing is possible in the late afternoon and toward evening. Highs back in the 60s.

Mostly sunny, breezy and cooler Friday with highs only in the 50s.

I had some concern yesterday for Sunday, but now we think we'll have some sunshine for the weekend with highs mostly in the 50s.