As usual, we check the high temperatures from yesterday, and they were pretty cool.

69 was all they could do at Newark Liberty Airport, 74 in Wrightstown, Burlington County.  The normal high is 82, but let me tell you, we are going to go way way above that in the days ahead.

Not today, though.  We will have clouds and some sunshine.  There's the just the chance that an isolated shower may pop up, but probably not, in most cases.  Highs today from 78 to 82, but definitely cooler near the ocean.

It will be clear to partly cloudy tonight, and more humid with average lows from mid 60s to lower 70s.

And very simply, mostly sunny, hot and humid for tomorrow and Thursday.  Low to mid 90s for tomorrow, and 95 to do we dare say, 100, for Thursday.  There will definitely be relief both days at the beaches.  The water temperature, in some cases, is in the very warm upper 60s.

It will still be a hot day, at or above 90, on Friday with a thunderstorm chance in the afternoon.

We will have some relief, with temperatures in the 80s and sunshine, over the upcoming weekend.