The weekend was a tale of two seasons.

Saturday was summer-like, where it got to near 80, and Sunday was fall-like, where it did not get out of the low 50s.

Atlantic City's 53, Newark's 54 were the mildest we could get.  Of course, it was anything but mild out of doors. Precipitation amounts were less than a quarter of an inch, generally.

Today, we may have some leftover clouds and there's another area of rain and showers across the lower Mississippi Valley and Tennessee Valley.  It's going to moving northeastward right towards New Jersey, probably not arriving until this evening or, more than likely, the night ahead.

Temperatures tonight will be mostly in the 40s with some lower 50s along the south coast.

Any early rain along the coast should be ending, but we may have difficulty getting rid of the clouds tomorrow.

It looks, as though, Wednesday offers the chance of clouds breaking for some sunshine and temperatures moderating to the upper 60s to perhaps 70 in the afternoon.